IT Books are BORING!!!

We know you’re currently thinking it

But Just imagine this...

Your 1st day back from holiday. And you discover £12,000 has been stolen from your business bank account…

Just think if IT stuff wasn't so boring you'd still have £12,000

For many businesses this is not imagination but a reality.

My book helps you spot the fraudsters so the £12,000 still stays safely tucked away in YOUR business account. You’ll have to think of another reason NOT to give the staff a bonus.

You could do worse than learning how they did it to others. 

Get my “honest, really i mean it it’s not boring ” IT Book.

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I did mention it's FREE; yes, even the postage. So it's within every Business budget. You have nothing to lose and will actually gain real knowledge to help stop you from being a victim.

Real Fake Reviews

Hey it an IT book all the reviewers are sleeping or sitting on the beach with cool £12,000 bonuses

It certainly blew my head away
Mary Queen of Scots
I read it and that's all i have to say about that
Forrest Gump
Romeo, Oh Romeo.. Damn wrong ruddy book
I read it so often that I've misplaced 6 wives
Henry the VIII

Seriously though I'd love to get your feedback. If the book was helpful to you or should I leave IT books to 5 year olds with crayons? Do let me know by emailing