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Looking for Microsoft M365 for your business?

Microsoft Office M365 is the standard office suite throughout the world. 

It comes with many features and as such many different versions. Bellow are the most common versions used by micro & SME businesses. 

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Office365 for business

If you run a small business, then Office365 allows you to access securely all your shared calendars, contacts, documents and emails, from just about anywhere with an internet connection,

The joy of Office365 being a Microsoft product comes with the fact it is compatible fully with Microsoft Office and related products. However, you don’t actually need to own Office to use 365.

It gives you potent new avenues for connecting with people, information and people who have information.

As Office365 operates similarly to MS Office, the additional advantage is that you will already be familiar with it.

The main advantages for your business using Office365 includes:

  • • As there are no upfront purchase costs involved, cash flow is improved
  • There is a simple monthly fee that you will be able to budget easily for
  • It provides you with flexibility, as you can scale it up and down, adding and removing additional users as and when your business requires
  • Can use the most current version of the software, including all of the most popular office applications from Microsoft
  • Access to everything, whatever time it is and wherever you are with Office WebApps
  • SharePoint, Lync and other comprehensive tech are now more readily accessible and affordable.
  • With one licence for Office365, you are allowed to run it on a total of 5 different devices
  • Powerful security and reliable, fully backed by an uptime service level agreement guarantee of 99.97%
  • Fully compatible and supported by all Windows devices and iPads and iPhones
  • With the addition of Microsoft Teams you now have access to a fully incorporated, chat-based portal that allows for more collaborative work between team members and offers your customers the chance to build a more free-flowing and open plan digital environment.
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Get that ‘professional’ look with your own domain name

Sending your emails from your own domain name, like ‘’, creates a professional image for your business.

You will need a domain name to use this service. We can set this up for you as part of your order for a small additional cost,

What Exactly Is Microsoft Teams?

With the addition of Microsoft Teams, the company has given businesses the chance to make use of office365 in the same way as they always have, but with a chat-based hub inbuilt to improve communication. It has been designed to tie in the pre-existing technologies from Microsoft by Office365 Groups.

From the get go, Microsoft Teams takes identities stored on the Azure AD and integrates them fully with other Office365 services. It in turn then establishes an Exchange Online group mailbox and SharePoint online site for every single team you create.

All anyone needs is a consumer email account from Gmail, Outlook or one of the other popular providers to participate in Microsoft Teams as a guest. The same auditing and compliance protection is applied to Teams as it is with the rest of Office365 and your guests can be securely managed very easily in Azure AD.

Admin users are able to manage how guests can use Office365 and are able to add, view or even revoke guests’ access to the host.

With Microsoft Teams you benefit from a continuous chat portal, meetings and calling, along with uncomplicated access to other Office365 components. With this you have a hub that is efficient and effective for smaller organisations and large, enterprise companies and virtually anyone else.

Office365 and Microsoft Teams

Different companies and groups require different things, based on both work-style and their functional role. With Office365, you get services that are designed to fit well with the different work-styles of individual groups and applications that are fully integrated and custom built. Such as:

  • Outlook suitable for enterprise-level email, with the additional features for groups
  • SharePoint suitable for enterprise searching automation of business processes, intelligent content services, portals and sites
  • Yammer that enables you to drive connections on a company-wide scale
  • Skype For Business as the foundation for all enterprise-level video and voice
  • Microsoft Teams, the brand-new additional chat-based portal-workspace within Office365

With the addition of Microsoft Teams to Office365, companies of all sizes have even more control, flexibility and the chance to collaborate more fully in a cohesive manner, wherever users are in the world. So, even if you are on holiday, while some of your colleagues are in an office back at HQ and a guest user is in a completely different time-zone and country, you can all share and develop a project together through Office365 and Microsoft Teams.

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