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This new search feature in Microsoft Edge is a revolution

Microsofts is transforming the search experience within its Edge browser. watch our latest tech update video for the full scoop.

🚀 Exciting News from Microsoft Edge! 🌐✨

🚀 Exciting News from Microsoft Edge! 🌐✨

Hey, tech enthusiasts! 🤖 Microsoft has unleashed a game-changer, and it’s about to revolutionize your online experience! 🌟

🔍 Say hello to the latest feature in Microsoft Edge that’s making waves – Dual Search! 🌐💻 Now, when you search, you’re not just getting results from one engine, but TWO! Bing AND your favorite alternative (we’re looking at you, Google lovers) working together in harmony. 🤝🚀

Curious about how it works? 🤔 Imagine having the power to explore comprehensive results from different search engines without switching tabs. 🔄 No more juggling between browsers – it’s all in one view! 🕵️‍♂️💼

But wait, there’s more! 🎉 Worried about visual clutter? Microsoft’s got you covered! 💡 Customization is the key. Tailor your ‘backup’ search engine for a streamlined, clutter-free experience. 🌈✨ And guess what? More customization options are on the horizon!

Why should you care? 🧐 Because it’s not just a convenience; it’s a leap towards smarter, more efficient browsing! 🚀 For our fellow business enthusiasts, it’s a game-changer in market research and staying ahead of industry trends. 💼📈

Already a fan of Edge? Get ready for an exciting upgrade! 🚀 New to the game? This is your golden ticket to join the Edge community! 🎟️💚

Ready to simplify your online search game? Dive into the future with Microsoft Edge! ⚡️🌐✨

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Video Transcript:This new search feature in Edge is a revolution

Is Chrome still your browser of choice?

Well, a new feature in Microsoft Edge presents the most compelling reason yet to switch.

In Edge, you can now search with two engines at the same time.


Simply hit the search icon.

It’ll search with your first choice of engine, say Google. And at the side it’ll also search with your backup engine, say Bing.

No more juggling tabs to compare search results. Edge does it in a single view.

And you don’t need to worry about screen clutter. Microsoft’s working on customisation options for a smoother experience.

Would this feature alone make you switch browsers?

We can help you find more tools to boost your productivity – get in touch.


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