7 Reasons why Business Owners & Office Managers trust Acu IT Solutions to manage their IT



Proactive Prevention Is The Key.

We focus on preventing issues before they happen by closely monitoring your network 24/7/365, ensuring optimal system performance by our qualified technicians and backed up by our state-of-the-art software which in turn saves you repair costs and downtime headaches. Most times we can have IT issues resolved before you even know they were happening. Having your systems run efficiently inturn allows you & your staff to more effectively look after YOUR clients


We Can Save You Money

By outsourcing your computer to us, we can save your business thousands compared to the costs of hiring, salaries and benefits of full-time computer support staff. When you hire Acu IT Solutions you won't be surprised by budget breaking unexpected charges. A comprehensive technology package that covers service, support and monitoring based on your business needs will be provided 


Single point of contact

When you hire Acu IT Solutions you will be assigned your very own Technician who will deal with every aspect of your account. This is win-win for both of our companies. Win for you: you know exacltly who will be looking after your IT Infrastruture on every occasion, you receive a technician who will know your IT systems inside out (just like having your very own IT Technician without the cost). Win for Us: We build a long term business relationship with you and your company and as your company grows it helps our company grow.


Prompt Response Time

We understand your computers and your network is imperative to operating your business. Thanks to the leaping bounds in modern technology, we are able to remotely service your computer network securely via the internet. If your computer or network issues can't be solved remotely we can dispatch a technician the very same day.


First-Rate Technicians

Our technicians are highly skilled, qualified, dependable specialists who understand the importance of having the job done right the first time around. We will give it to you straight, minus the "geek speak" so that you have a clear, concise understanding of problems and solutions.


Project Plans

Our many years of experience in this industry have taught us how important it is to evaluate every minuscule detail, co-ordinate with your vendors and work out a plan for as little downtime as possible.



Peace of Mind

We are able to manage every aspect of your technology, whether it be internet connection, specialized software, website development, maintenance or any other technology related need you may have, saving you the stress of dealing with multiple sources of dedicated specialists and having them all work together; that's our job to make yours easier and giving you peace of mind.


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