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Make Work From Home (and the office) easier with Microsoft Teams

Make Work From Home (and the office) easier with Microsoft Teams

How Microsoft Teams Can Help Boost Productivity Even with Remote Working

Due to Covid 19, we are looking at a shift in change when it comes to work and how your business operates. Thankfully, not all change has to be bad.

Have you been grateful of how flexible work has been lately? Have you seen productivity rise in your team working from home? Remote working has certainly got huge potential, as it has become a viable, permanent option for many organisations and businesses.

Working from home allows employees to work more comfortably, saving companies money on office space and travel. In fact, employees now gain time as they no longer have to commute or travel into work. Have you been glad not to have traffic jams as part of your daily routine?

Some businesses have also been granting staff flexible working patterns, as parents are challenged with home schooling too. What perks have you or your team noticed when it comes to working from home?

The functionality of working from home

One of the most important factors when it comes to working from home, is how you can still ensure that collaboration as a team can still function well.

Have you considered the following; 

  •  How will your meetings look if remote working becomes a permanent fixture?
  • • How will employees share documents, add to them or refine them?
  • • How will you keep employees motivated if you’re not frequently seeing them?


If you have given thought to them, what solutions did you find? If you are still unsure, then it’s worth taking a look at Microsoft Teams. It will unite your business, helping you and your team get the job done efficiently. You can download our handy PDF guide to get your business set up and running smoothly with Microsoft Teams.

What are 5 perks to using Microsoft Teams?

  1. You can create multiple channels within your team. So, you can either separate your team into categories such as marketing, sales, production, or you can separate the channels into projects. This will help to avoid any confusion and is a great tool for organising work. 
  2. You can host meetings on Microsoft Teams. Whether you have employees working from home, or across the office from each other, if they need to communicate quickly with each other they can simply set up a meeting on the channel. This can also be organised in advance. 
  3. It is a time saver! By pinning the channels used the most to the top, you are able to gain access a lot quicker. You can also use custom shortcuts, as well as creating custom tabs to gain access to what you use the most quickly. Some apps also allow you to directly send content via messaging too. This will create handy shortcuts, maximising your teams’ productivity. 
  4. Microsoft Teams allows personalisation, whether that’s a fun GIF in messaging, or pinning your favourite apps. This tailored approach is favourable amongst employees. 
  5. It allows you to keep up to date. If your team is working remotely, then it is more important than ever to make sure everyone is up to date on a project. Microsoft Team allows real-time notifications, ensuring everyone is in the loop and maximising collaboration.

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Overcoming business challenges

Are you working as efficiently as you can be right now? With so many challenges businesses are facing currently, don’t let collaboration or productively fall short. Whether your business is still entirely working remotely, working in the office or have a mixture of the two, don’t leave anyone behind.

Microsoft Teams has great functionality, with ease of use too, so anyone will be able to navigate their way around the software. Why not download our handy PDF guide to explore the steps you can follow to get started with Microsoft Teams?

If you’re still feeling stuck, and would like to discuss ways in which software can help to tackle the challenges thrown at businesses currently, why not come have a chat with us? We’d love to help.

Why not download our handy PDF guide to explore the steps you can follow to get started with Microsoft Teams?

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