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The Microsoft 2020 Problem

Are you using any of these MS products; Small Business Server (SBS) 2011, Exchange 2010, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7 or Office 2010? Probably you are using some of them if not all. The bad news is they are going out of extended support in early 2020.

This implies that even if you call the Microsoft Support Centre they can never solve your problem and instead they will frustrate you with ‘Sorry, your product is no longer supported’. After the 2020 deadline, you will not receive security updates or patches from Microsoft.

Will the Systems Still work?

The out-of-support server system, OS or application will still work normally apart from a few compatibility and data access issues. For instance, the latest version of popular applications like Sage Line 50 most likely will not install, you will be blocked from accessing data from some devices and your system will remain slow. Maybe you can work with that.

So What Is The Problem?

With the twist of GDRP compliance in 2018, an organization is required to only use fully supported software or computer system. It is also a requirement to keep all the software updated and patched. This means that if you continue to use the software after their EOL, you risk hefty penalties as you will no longer be GDPR compliant. If customer data is breached, be ready for actions by the Information Commission.
The impact is even more. Apart from risking your data to insecure software, you will tarnish your business image not to mention the financial loss.

So What Is The Best Way Forward?

Are you still stuck to Windows 7, the brown Ms Outlook 2010, SBS 2011 Remote Web or the Windows Server 2008 R2 (Sp1)? Get ready for the 2020 D-day. We care and we can help you to seamlessly replace these EOL systems with fully updated and secure systems which guarantee your compliance with the new GDPR.
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The Microsoft 2020 Problem and GDPR Compliance

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) has taken through many organizations and individuals into a confusion. Most people do not understand what it entails leave alone what it implies for their business. If you are among those lost in the confusion, this post is for you.

GDPR Compliance Overview

GDPR is a set of rules which sets the minimum standards for handling and processing data in the EU member countries. It comes with new laws and obligations around personal data, consent and privacy across Europe to help business and citizens benefit from the digital economy. The new regulations require organisations to ensure that personal data is gathered through legal methods and under strict conditions and that the data is protected against unauthorised exploitation or misuse. They are also expected to respect the rights of data sources (owners) failure to which they will be fined an amount as high as £17.5 million (€20M) or 4% of their global turnover.
This means that both local and foreign organisations doing business in the EU should work to ensure compliance with the GDPR. And just when you thought the looming confusion is too much, here comes the 2020 deadline.

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