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Ransomware Protection

Ransomware has the dangerous potential to critically destroy your business. It works by holding your data, files, and network to ransom. The resulting damage on your business reputation may be unfixable.

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Support for when your business needs it. Save your yourself time and outsource your IT service needs to the professionals. Get expert support for all your IT requirements.

Business IT Maintenance Contracts

Don’t wait until it’s too late- proactively protect and manage your IT systems today. Choose your bespoke business IT maintenance contract. From the hours you need, to the level of support required, we can talk through your business needs.

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Get tailored IT solutions via our helpdesk by our cost-effective experts. Save yourself time and worries by investing in managed IT services. Find out more about how we can help take away all your tech stress with a managed IT package that ticks your boxes.

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Computer or laptop not responding? Don’t panic! Our experts can help you to sigh a breath of relief through our ad-hoc computer and laptop repairs. Hope is not lost!

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It’s time to rethink your IT strategy. Our experts will analyse where your business currently stands and helps to put an IT strategy in place so that your business can move forward. You will soon thrive with seamless, efficient, cost effective IT solutions to tick all your boxes.

IT Infrastructure & Management

IT Infrastructure and Management
Your company networks need the best infrastructure to allow the smooth running of your business. We help to design, build and manage your company networks and hardware in a proactive manner.

Ransomware is very lucrative to criminals but largely misunderstood by most business owners

We decided to hire an actual real hacker to conduct a genuine hack. What you are about to see is rarely captured on video. We have recorded both the point of the view of the hacker and the victim. Watch how easy it would be for this to happen to YOUR business. In this cyber attack, our ethical hacker encrypts all the data, until you pay a huge ransom to get it back.

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts your system and holds your information and data at ransom. If the attack is successful, you will no longer be able to access your files, database, or software.

Usually, a sum of money is demanded by the cybercriminal to gain your access back. It isn’t isolated to just your computer or laptop, but it spreads across your network and file services, essentially paralysing your company.


How does ACU IT help to protect your business?

Within the space of one small minute, your business can go from thriving to being in utter despair as the realisation kicks in that you’ve had an IT breach. Your whole vital system has been compromised. What next?

You find yourself and your team locked out of your network. Panic sets in. All you did was click a link on one email. But that’s all it takes. Phishing emails are designed to look identical to the real deal, so what you believe is an innocent link can end up irreparably damaging your business. A single click is all it took. Once you have shut down the page, you see what has happened. Have you ever felt panic like it before? Would you ever want to?

This is where ACU IT comes in. Firstly, we work proactively to ensure you have ongoing back-ups of all your systems and data. If a breach were to happen, you have your data recently all backed up somewhere safe.

Secondly, we work hard to monitor potential threats in your system. We take care of all your IT security needs. Cyberattacks are a very real threat that brings businesses and organisations to their knees daily. Don’t let it happen to you.

Our Disaster Recovery Services will help to keep your data and business safe and security. And if a disaster strikes, we know how to react and get your systems back up and running.

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The worst has happened. And you don’t have an IT support technician to call (it’s next on your To Do list). Don’t worry we provide a super-fast emergency service for non-clients, too. Whether you’ve got backup problems, or a delivery of new PCs to set-up, don’t let Johnny from accounts have a bash at it; the PC might appear to be fixed, but you could have new glitches or security flaws behind the scenes. Give us a call. We could save your staff valuable time on routine jobs like networking and updates, and our competitive pricing will come as a pleasant surprise…