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Your business is at risk of a data breach. all it takes is one click of a single dodgy email.

spam & phishing email filtering

Spam and threatening emails doesn’t have to be a part of your business inbox.

It can be a thing of the past, allowing you to continue growing your business and ensuring the safety of data and financial security. By investing in our email filtering software, you can be ahead of the cyber-game and allow modern technology to help protect your business and growth.

Check to see if your email address has been stolen

Are you aware of whether your data has already been compromised?

Hackers are targeting your business!

Find out in seconds if your email address has been stolen or compromised. Enter it here. And we’ll run it through a comprehensive database of all email addresses stolen over the last few years.

Although most email service providers have some protective measures in place, and try to siphon your junk mail into a spam folder, this still accumulates to a mass of unwanted junk. Trying to swim through junk mail and keep on top of it is quite frankly a waste of your time when you could be doing more of what you are an expert on, making money for your business.

Spam is essentially unsolicited junk mail, which your business will have in abundance. Although this may be filtered into your dedicated spam folder, mix ups can happen where important mail could end up in there, or you can still end up with junk mail in your inbox. Spam mail can also be dangerous as it can include links to viruses or other threats, which will intrude on your business and can end up damaging your software, and exposing your data. We both know how much of a nuisance it is to get into the office and end up spending valuable time hunting through pages and pages of emails before you actually find anything from legitimate clients. Your time is valuable.

Think of the confidential client data on your computer.

Your business computer is full of client data and financial details that need to be kept safe and secure. If you let a virus into your software, you could end up exposing all of that data and ruining your business’ reputation. Viruses and malware can make its stealthy way in via your spam mail.
The spam emails, which are sent these days, are stealthy and sneaky. In fact, often it can be difficult to distinguish and recognise them. Phishing emails in particular look like a normal email, which have been sent by a recognisable company, however hackers and criminals have mimicked them. If these dangerous emails are opened, you can end up following link through to pages asking for your personal details. Unfortunately, once you have given these it can be disastrous. The criminals will then have access to all of your businesses’ data and information, which they can sell on, or they can ruin your business’ software.

Why not try spam and threat detection software and email filtering?

Using more advanced technologies, which look out for harsher threats such as phishing emails and ransomware, it will save your business valuable and irreplaceable time, and potentially saving your employees from accidently clicking on dangerous links.
Did you know that statistics from 2018 showed that the average cost of a phishing email attack for a medium sized company amounted to over one million pounds? That figure is a staggering amount of money, which could cripple a business, even jeopardize it. As you can imagine, by investing in spam and threat detection software it is definitely worth it for your business. You don’t want to waste priceless time and energy battling with spam yourself.
You can be rest assured that with our spam and threat detection software; we will be putting your businesses’ safety in our capable, experienced and knowledgeable hands. We know that many your businesses may be unaware about the many email threats that end up invade inboxes and folders. We hate to think of your business being invaded from a cyber-attack through sly and dangerous emails.

Don’t let a cyber-attack end up causing catastrophic damage to your business.

In today’s world it is essential that we all take cyber-crimes seriously. Your business needs to be up-to-date with the latest spam and email threat detection software and email filtering.
Cyber attacks could end up causing financial harm, or damage your business credibility and integrity. Lost trust in your business can occur if your customer’s data or financial details are threatened. Don’t let any of this happen, place your trust in our amazing software.
Do you want to ease your worries about spam emails? This clever software can put a stop to dangerous emails and phishing emails, before they even reach your mail server. When you have the right software in place, you can see and respond to dangerous or sophisticated email attacks. 

Take back the power from the cyber-criminals, and keep both your business and your client’s data safe and secure. 


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