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At Acu IT Solutions we understand the importance of email in the daily running of a business. Our Hosted Exchange service therefore, enables our many clients to take full advantage of Microsoft Hosted Exchange – the modern server technology.

This is a very powerful system that allows your company to stay fully in sync, no matter where you are. All with access can carry out a full range of tasks including:

Check email
Manage calendars
Share contacts

These tasks can be achieved from any device with an internet connection – so whether you are on your smartphone or tablet in transit or out of the office or sitting at your desktop PC or laptop, you can still stay in the loop.

What Are The Major Benefits of Microsoft Exchange Services?

The key benefits of opting into our Microsoft Exchange Services are:

Full Migration To Cloud

We can migrate your email services to the cloud, taking full ownership of the transition and guarantee to set it up quickly and efficiently so you can start using it as soon as possible.

Backed Up Continuously

We offer the level of security your business needs and back up your email server data regularly throughout the course of a day. We then replicate the information and send it to our UK data centre, so your emails are always kept safe.

Protection Against Spam & Viruses

We run scans on all emails using a high quality and reputable software that keeps your email server inbox free from viruses and malware. Everything is scanned for you so you can surf safely wherever you are.

Exchange Is Compatible With Outlook

If you already use Outlook, Microsoft Exchange is the perfect addition as it has been designed to fully integrate with Outlook and O365, meaning your mobile devices and Outlook Web Apps are synced on an enterprise level. Fully integrating means that you can retain the best of both worlds all in one place.

Guaranteed Uptime

We fully appreciate that when your email server is down, your business is too. Downtime can effect the productivity of your business, your profits and your website traffic which is why we guarantee the server uptime at 99.9%.

Reduces Costs

When you opt for Microsoft Hosted Exchange, you don’t need a dedicated email server at your premises or somewhere else so there is no need to invest in expensive hardware, nor is it necessary then to pay for maintenance and exchange software costs either, these are all incorporated in the monthly fee.

Acu IT Solutions Handles It All

We can take care of everything from the exporting of all your email data, past and present to securely transfer into your brand new Exchange inbox and relevant mailboxes.

No Upgrades Necessary

We use the most current version of Hosted Exchange, so there is no need for time-consuming upgrades etc.

Fully Compliant and Accredited

It’s becoming increasing necessary for data centres these days to be fully compliant and accredited with regards to the data compliance requirements. Microsoft’s are.

Microsoft’s UK-Based Data Centres Are Fully Compliant

We currently run Hosted Exchange services from Microsoft’s data centres based in the UK that are fully compliant with PCS DSS 2.0, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

Outsource your business Microsoft Exchange Services = PAY FOR ONLY WHAT YOU NEED

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