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3 easy upgrades to improve your video call setup

Hybrid working is here to stay as the norm. No one wants to lose track of important staff meeting or even lose that vital business sale as cant be heard properly thus in our latest video we show you 3 upgrades to make your video and voice calls increase in quality.

Hybrid working is here to stay as the norm.

Technology and business apps improvements have made it much simpler and effective for a large proportion of your business staff to work from a variety of locations, which has meant video calls and their quality are becoming increasingly important to connect and communicate with colleagues and clients alike.

This trend is likely to continue as many companies are seeing the benefits of quick Teams or zoom calls and are now increasingly relying on video communication for team collaboration and business communication.

But often overlooked is how easy you can improve the quality of sound and video by following our  3 small simple upgrades to your video calling setup

Here are three easy video call upgrades

Now that hybrid working’s here to stay, video calls are not going away.

So maybe it’s time to improve your setup, both in the office and at home.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to spend thousands or have lots of new equipment. Here are three easy upgrades to improve your video call setup.

First, start with a better webcam. The camera in your laptop’s OK, but a separate camera should make you look better.

Picture quality’s about the number of pixels – the more, the better. Go for Full HD, which is 1080p. Or better still a 4k camera.

Next, think about your sound. It’s the most overlooked part of most video calls.

If you work somewhere noisy a headset with a mic would be a great investment. For a quiet home office get yourself a decent USB desk microphone.

Finally, think about your lighting. Natural light is best if you can face a window. If not, consider buying a ring light so your face is always well lit. Or even two LED lights to brighten the whole scene.

Oh – and if you don’t want too many new accessories – you can get a webcam with a built-in microphone and light. Everything in one gadget.

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