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9 Cyber Threats You Need To Know About Now

100 cyber attack attempts are made every minute

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cyber crime is a topic that’s not going away any time soon

Cyber threat is a very real and present in businesses across the UK today. In fact, 100 cyber attack attempts are made every minute. Figures of cyber attacks have risen in recent years and no business is safe from hackers and criminals. 

Prevention is key and part of prevention is to gain cyber awareness. Here are nine cyber threats that you need to know about now.

1. Ransomware

This has vastly become one of the most commonly used cyber threats by criminals. They corrupt files and demand a ransom, making millions. Larger businesses used to be the ones mainly targeted. However, using automated services, hackers are able to target all businesses, all of the time. The criminals infect links and wait for businesses to click them, so that they can blackmail them over their valuable data. This data is worth a lot of money, so companies pay up and the criminals get a big pay out. LockerGoga, a new strain of ransomware, has the abilities to damage machinery and software. This would be extremely detrimental to businesses.

2. Malware Attacks

Malicious software attacks are variable but each attack is designed to cause a lot of destruction and harm to businesses and their software. Successful attacks are caused by file sharing through insecure sites, downloading media and signing up to free software programmes. Your IT support company will be able to ensure security mechanisms are in place.

3. Cloud Abuse.

Although there are many benefits to cloud computing, you need to ensure cyber security is in place when using it. As we use our phones and tablets when we are out, we risk losing our devices and our data being accessed by anyone. Our advice would be to have back ups in place, just in case the virtual servers are accessed by the wrong people and attacked.

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4. Insecure API Attacks

API allows different pieces of software to talk to each other. API needs to be created with strict cyber security in mind, but it’s best to seek the help of a service provider or IT professionals to ensure this is done correctly. Before you buy, double check it includes stringent data encryption and authentication software.

5. Supply Chain Attacks

These are growing rapidly in occurrence. These supply chain attacks are nasty and threaten your business IT security. Supply chain attacks are also known as third-party or value-chain attacks. During these attacks, someone from an outside organisation gains access to a business’ data. They send out a genuine looking software update, however instead of updating, it spreads a fast destructive virus that could put whole companies out of operation. Read our PDF to find out about the devastating NotPetya attack. Over half of organisations had breaches that were caused this way. It is so important to source your suppliers wisely and to ensure your business IT security is safe.

6. Poor Password Management

Unfortunately, it is common place that companies and individuals are still making the mistake of setting easy and poor passwords. Companies are now thinking of alternative ways of keeping data safe. Passwords will be completely changed in the future to avoid this problem. Security conscious organisations are now turning to multi- factor authentication. This could involve entering a password, a code sent to a mobile and even something like a fingerprint scan.

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7. Your Own Staff.

Unfortunately, and often unintentionally, staff causes security breaches. They could accidentally enable the virus by clicking on a link, or replying to a phishing email. This is done by human error, particularly when employees may be tired. Cyber awareness and educating staff on how to recognise cyber threats is vital here. Ensure that you regularly back up devices and encrypt data if you have employees use devises on the go, as there is a huge number of work devices that go missing each year. Also, be vigilant with ex-employees and make sure that they no longer have access to data when they leave their position.

8. Basic Data Loss

Data can often go missing without malice intention and can be lost accidently. If you don’t have a reliable back up method which you keep up to date, you can then lose files for good. Correcting these mistakes can take a lot of time and energy and it can damage reputation for the business. Since the introduction of GDPR, it is more important than ever to keep data stored safely. This can be done through regular data backups, 24/7 data monitoring and SSL security encryption.

9. The Internet Of Things- IOT

This recent trend refers to different devices being connected online. As our phones begin to control just about anything and everything, it is understandable that concerns have arisen about security. Hackers and criminals target weaknesses in new systems. If you do use IoT technology in your business, ensure that you use a trusted provider for your business IT security.

All of these technological advances in recent years are creating exciting changes for businesses. However, with these changes, comes the danger and threat of cyber attacks on your business IT security. All companies; big and small need to ensure they are using robust data management and are constantly updating their cyber awareness. Make sure you employ a culture of online security throughout your business. Know your enemy and find your weaknesses.

download our incredibly helpful PDF here

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