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AcuIT Inside 30 Newsletter

Issue 30 of our AcuIT Insider newsletter.

Hello and welcome to edition 30 of our AcuIT Insider newsletter

Our main page topic this month is about automation.

Automation is AMAZING. It has nothing but benefits for your business, including removing boring repetitive tasks that your staff hate doing… increasing overall productivity… and job satisfaction. It can improve customer service too. If you haven’t embraced automation in your business yet, we really should talk.

Also inside this month:

• Why your executives might be your weakest link
• It’s nearly here – managing your Outlook signature in one place
• How to benefit from a multi monitor setup even when you’re working in a coffee shop (and without carrying a huge bag full of monitors!)

Plus the usual tech facts, Q&A, and the part that nobody admits to reading but really does yes our silly little tech quiz.

We do hope you reading your AcuIT Insider, and as always we’d love to hear your feedback on it. Or any other questions you wish to ask,

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