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9 Ways To Get Your Staff On Board With Cyber Security

9 Ways To Get Your Staff On Board With Cyber Security

cyber crime is a topic that’s not going away any time soon

Unfortunately, just as you think you are sorted with cyber security, the hackers will come along to rock the boat. As you step up the security, hackers will step up their game to try and attack your systems and software with new and more advanced malware. Although on your line of defense you need things such as firewalls and anti-virus software in place, you have to remember that the cyber threat playing field is constantly evolving. Below we will explore 9 ways you can get your staff on board with cyber security.

Why is it important for your staff to be on board with cyber security?

Anyone that goes on a device or computer in your team will need to be clued up on cyber security in order to get your best chance of winning the war against hackers and criminals.

Your strength lies with your weakest member of staff. Therefore, you need to ensure everyone is well trained, as you wouldn’t want a mistake to happen in the work place, which can undo all your hard work in a matter of minutes.

Did you know that hackers target businesses with teams of 250 members and less? They become an easy target, often small businesses don’t think they are big enough to target or haven’t got the budget, so don’t invest in the training.

Do you have reluctant employees?

Are your employees reluctant to get clued up about cyber security? It is essential to create a culture of cyber knowledge within a work place environment in order to keep your data safe and secure.

How do you approach training? You want employees to want to learn about the latest cyber threats and trends. Everyone should be on board with defending against hackers and criminals, whether they are senior executives or training staff. Try creative and fun ways of keeping your employees engaged and interested in the training. Here are 9 ways you can get your team on board with cyber security.

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1. Share Information

Don’t keep the information to yourself. Your employees may be more switched onto cyber security than you initially think. Don’t hide away the cyber threats; keep everybody in the loop and on the same level when it comes to these matters. The defense your business has, is a defense that is made powerful when the whole team are acting together. That’s why you need to let them know about potential threats, so you can all battle together.

2. Make It Personal

Try to make that personal link between data and your employees, this way they can relate to the issues more and then will be more wary and keen to learn about cyber security. Remind them that hackers will also be targeting employee’s data and private information too.

3. Lead By Example

When it comes to training and persuading staff to learn something new, especially something that may un-interest them, the best thing to do is lead the way. Set a good example of doing things the right way and ensuring that YOU are putting in the right measurements personally and your team will follow suit. If you are not putting things in place, like not sharing your password, or clicking on suspicious links, then you could end up the one responsible for an attack. Show your team that you’re just as involved as them.

4. Implement An Easy To Understand Policy

What’s needed is a policy that is accessible, easy to understand and that will be shared across the whole work place. The policy should cover: behavioral expectations, standard practice and information on what employees should do if there is a possible data breach.

5. Drill It In From The Start

Starting a new habit can take time; this is true of cyber culture too. Sometimes it can be difficult to grasp, or hard to remember. When you hire new staff, make your cyber security policy a priority to train them from the get go. This way, it will be far easier for new team members to be cyber security clued up.

6. Make It Regular

Create regularity when it comes to discussing cyber threats and security. Perhaps make it a regular part of the agenda in team meetings. That way you can all keep the communication up and discuss latest threats and how you can tackle them together.

7. Start With The Basics

Not everyone will be in the same place when it comes to knowledge on cyber security. It is important to start with the simple things first, like password management and build up to the more complex issues over time. That way everyone is on the same page and is gaining the same knowledge, rather than jumping straight into the complex issues and overwhelming your staff.

8. Offer Rewards

Do you have an appraisal system? Perhaps build small rewards into your program. It only needs to be a small thank you, but it will go a long way. Your team will feel more motivated if they know that something is in it for them.

9. Run Drills

Similar to a fire drill, you should be running cyber threat drills to see how your employees handle a potential cyber security attack. A fake hack can help you to see any flaws to your cyber security. This all helps to prepare a business, should there be the unfortunate event of a real attack.

It’s important for everyone on your team to have that knowledge on cyber security. If you all learn how to recognize threats, you will create a good cyber security culture. Creating a healthy cyber security culture will enable your business to handle attacks better should they occur.

Our aim is to protect you from the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks by providing businesses the tools they need. We want to share our knowledge with you so you can rest assured that you are building the right cyber culture within your team and business.

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