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is cyber security a solid part of your business’s culture?

Make Cyber Security Part of your Business culture

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The Number One Threat to Your Business Is Cyber Crime

Modern day businesses are at far greater risk of privacy and data attacks. Why has this risk increased so much? Modern businesses tend to use technology a lot more for day to day running of a business. In fact, a lot of businesses operate online or use the Internet on a daily basis. Criminals are targeting these businesses and putting them at risk of an attack on their systems and private data. This is why it is essential to make Cyber Security a part of your business. 

The Number One Threat to Your Business Is Cyber Crime

With modern technology, it is harder to ‘switch off’ and the Internet is being accessed 24/7 around the world. Businesses store and operate on online systems. This is extremely attractive to criminals, who will be working hard at hacking systems. Big companies especially get threatened and have been known to leak confidential records and pay ransoms to hackers.
Cyber crime is a part of this modern culture that we’re all living and working in. It’s essential to learn from mistakes of the past and stay one step ahead of the criminals and hackers. That is why you need to make Cyber Security an essential part of your business.
Mistakes can easily be made online, in particular when you are overworked and overtired. This can all change though, you just need to make Cyber Security a part of your everyday business routine- like powering down all of the computers and equipment or making sure the printer is stocked with paper.

How Can You Create a Culture of Security?

Old habits die hard, and it can take weeks to form a new one. But creating a culture of security for your business will transform your business and you will be rest assured that you are taking the appropriate measures to protect your organisation from cyber crime. So, how can you start to create this culture?

  •  You need to be willing to change. Instead of being afraid of new technology, embrace the modern world and any new technology or information that comes your way, especially ones that will ultimately protect your business.
  • Be a positive role model. As a strong leadership, you should be enforcing good cyber security habits that your staff will happily follow.
  • Acknowledge the triumphs. We all need a bit of positive reinforcement at times, that is why good cyber security companies will let you know when there has been suspicious activities or potential breaches. You can celebrate the success of the team for keeping the business and organisation protected.
Is Software Enough to Protect My Business? Why Do We Need a Culture?

Although modern technology is great, it can like anything else, fail us at times when we have used it incorrectly. We can’t be 100% perfect, as we are human, we all make mistakes.

It would be beneficial to build up good habits when it comes to dealing with cyber security in business and making it a part of your business culture. This way a great framework is being embedded in your business

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How Can We Create a Sustainable Security Culture?

All it takes is a few simple steps to start creating a sustainable cyber security culture in your business.

  • Installing a sense of ownership. We all need to take control of the cyber culture. Every one in the business needs to play a role in practising good procedures when it comes to cyber safety. Don’t leave it down to the IT specialists. Everyone can play an important part of this.
  • Training. In-house data breaches can happen when staff has not been trained properly in cyber security. It is essential to gather up what employees currently know and then train them from there, even if you need to be teaching them the basics. The right training will be extremely beneficial to adhering to a sustainable security culture.
  • Learn from mistakes. Every business and organisations can slip up from time to time. It is important that instead of hiding the mishaps that you learn from them instead. They can be used as anonymous training examples.
  • Implementing a set of activities and tasks that businesses need to perform to keep their data and systems safe.  We at Acu IT Solutions can talk you through what needs to be done, all the way from risk assessments through to password management.
  • Positive reinforcement. As leader of an organisation or business, it is important to reward good behaviour. Even if that is just a ‘thank you’, let your team know that you are grateful for them building a sustainable cyber safety culture with you for your business. If you can hand out employee rewards for completing training in it or going the extra mile, than bonus! Your employees will enjoy learning about cyber security, whilst giving your customers peace of mind.

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