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Email Your greatest tool, and biggest threat

Your email is your greatest tool. And biggest cyber threat

Because we rely on email so much to run our businesses, it’s our greatest tool (no matter how much you might sigh when you see how many unread emails you have).

But because there’s so much activity in there. And you can receive emails from anyone, it’s the most common way to try to breach your business.

Hackers are targeting every business, every day. Using clever automated tools.

In this new video we show you some of the common cyber crimes that start in emails. And how to protect your business.

We’re Acu IT Solutions, looking after businesses all over Scotland. And we’re very much on your side. Let’s work together to keep the hackers out.

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Email cyber attacks can impact every business.

Love it or hate it, we all rely on email to run our businesses every day.

It’s what makes email our greatest tool. But it’s also the biggest threat to your business’s ongoing cyber security.

Cyber attacks are predicted to cost businesses around the world five trillion pounds by 2021.

And many of these attacks start with an email.

Whether it’s a phishing attempt, where criminals pretend to be other people to steal personal data.

Or trying to get staff to click on a dodgy link to let hackers into the whole IT system.

Email is the natural entry point for attacks into a business. And that’s not going to change soon.

The hackers are getting more cunning. And their tools are becoming smarter and smarter.

You need a blended security set up. To protect you from:
• Spam
• Viruses
• Phishing emails
• Unauthorised email forwarders
• Malware
• And lots more.

Let us audit your current email set up. We’ll advise on your weak points, and suggest the best ways to protect you and your staff.

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