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How Passkeys could improve the way you work

Passkeys could improve the way you work, forever

EVERYONE hates passwords. They hate coming up with them, remembering them, and the annoying process of resetting them.

That’s why people take shortcuts like using their pet’s name, or reusing a password across several accounts.

Those are bad habits that put businesses at risk. And it’s why we’re glad that Passkeys are coming – as early as this autumn.

Apple’s announced it’ll start using Passkeys later this year with iOS 16. Google and Microsoft will offer them in the near future as well.

We think Passkeys will become a hot topic in the year ahead. Can you see your business adopting them?

Passkeys are very simple. To login to something, you’ll use your phone to prove it’s really you.

Your computer will use Bluetooth to verify you’re sat nearby, then send a verification message to your phone.

Unlock your phone in the usual way, with your face, fingerprint or PIN. And that’s it. You’re logged in.

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