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How Can You Improve Your Video Call Set Up - free guide

Since the outbreak of Coronavirus, the world of communication and working has completely changed. Most, if not all of us, have been affected by this in some way, big or small. As we all know, video calls have existed well before the pandemic began. However, how we present ourselves virtually has become gradually more important as the workplace moves more online. Video calls are now an everyday norm. So, now we know it’s here to stay, how can you improve your video calls, and how you appear on them?

Our physical representation on calls

Personal presentation in video calls represents a lot about someone in the modern workplace. Our representation on a video call is something we should all put more thought into. As with looking our best for an in-person interview or shift, when appearing virtually; we should always strive to look & sound fantastic.
If you’ve recently spent any amount of time in video calls you will notice some people, put more effort into their online appearance than others. This ranges from a variety of different factors. Most commonly, people will simply use their laptop’s integrated camera. However, there are those who go the extra mile to enhance how they present themselves in video calls. These are the ones who stand out from their peers.
To give you some ideas on how to stand out in video calls, we’ve put together a PDF guide, which you can download further down the page. In this guide to improve your video call setup, we’ve put all sorts of useful tips and information to help you with getting the perfect setup for video calls. Within our guide, we emphasise a focus on achieving the best possible setup that fits your budget.
Our guide covers three different aspects of video calls. It discusses how to find a camera, lighting and audio setup that not only looks great, but sounds great too. Most importantly, we have explored a range of various budget options when approaching a video calling setup. So, no matter what your budget, you can improve your video calls!

How does your lighting and background look?

Firstly, there is a variety of different options and hacks you can do to achieve an impressive lighting and background appearance. Studio lighting is hardly affordable. However, when using clever tricks, an excellent look is far easier to get than you would think! Lighting makes a huge impact on how you are presented on camera. A dark and dingy look is never a welcoming one! Whereas a tidied, well-lit back drop looks far more professional and friendly.
So how can you improve your lighting?
1. Face a window when on video or turn on a light or lamp
2. Purchase a ring light
3. Invest in a more professional LED light set up

What camera are you using for your video calls?

Next is the camera. Cameras are built into most modern laptops, along with microphones, but both have very limited quality when compared to proper cameras and microphones. There are a selection of different ways to work around the expensive price tags you find on modern cameras, some of which may surprise you. What are your options when it comes to camera set up?
1. Use your smart phone
2. Buy an external webcam
3. Use a fancy DSLR to really knock the socks off the audience and fellow colleagues

How do you sound?

Finally, we come to microphones and sound. This is easily just as important as the camera and lighting. Getting a good sound for your call, like cameras, has a variety of different approaches. These can be both impressive to peers and managers, as well as cost effective. We also provide different ways of managing sound without requiring you to splash out on an expensive microphone.
1. Simply check your settings
2. Buy a USB microphone to amplify your voice
3. Go wireless and look like a pro

How You Can Proactively Prevent IT Problems

Rather just read online we also have Magazine version 

Video calls aren’t going anywhere any time soon, so staying on top of the medium and showing a professional flare is an excellent trait to have. It’s time to utilise both small tricks and proper budgeting. Then you can save money and enhance your presence in your next business call with co-workers or leave an excellent impression in that upcoming job interview

How to Improve Your Video Call Set Up - Free Guide 1

For more information on How to improve your video call quality quickly and affordably, download our comprehensible PDF full of even more information and tips for you to follow.

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