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How-to - IT project planning for your business

Unsure of how to get started with a major IT project? Our latest free guide gives tips for successful IT project planning.

Your Free Guide to Planning a Big IT Project for your business

How to start planning a big IT project free guide

Rather just read online we also have Magazine version 

Whether your business has expanded, you have more employees working from home or you are looking to boost productivity by utilising the latest digital solutions, upgrading your IT is a key requirement.

To ensure that your business is accessing all of the advantages of the innovative technology solutions that are available, you should explore the opportunities for system upgrades and migration to new digital tools.

The process of migrating to new technology can be complicated and time consuming but once you have upgraded your IT infrastructure, the business will quickly see benefits such as faster processes, automation of tasks and more streamlined workflows.

If you have not already moved over to the cloud, this could be the next IT project to consider. Cloud-based systems can help your business to work across different locations, from any connected devices with improved communication.

Getting started with new systems is usually not as challenging as you think it is going to be. Most software and digital tools have simple set up processes but when you are planning a big IT project, it is important to have a structured plan.

successful IT project planning requires:

  • defining your objectives
  • documenting your processes
  • researching outcome scenarios
  • planning any data migration
  • keeping employees informed
  • training employees 

Define your objectives

What do you want to achieve from your IT project? Are you looking to solve a specific problem or introduce some efficiencies to workflows or processes? Have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve through your investment. Also factor into account where you want to be in a three to five years’ time, and whether the upgrade will support your growth.

IT project planning free guide by AcuIT solutions Glasgow

Document everything

Documenting your processes will help to ensure that you embed logical process improvements. A common mistake that businesses make is to over-complicate their IT infrastructure and making it more bespoke than it actually needs to be. Documenting everything will help you to identify processes that can be simplified, and this work can also form the basis of employee training.

Research all the possibilities

The key to successful IT projects is to make sure that you are choosing the best solution for your business. What you don’t want to do is start with a system and then soon afterwards find that a more suitable one is available, so you then spend more time and money switching to another solution. You might find it beneficial to use free trials to make sure it has everything you need before you overhaul your processes.

Plan your data migration

The process of migrating data from one system to another needs to be well planned out. Ensure backups are intact and an emergency rollback is in place in case you hit a problem with implementation.

Have an implementation and training plan

Keeping employees updated about system changes and making sure they understand why the change is happening will have a big influence on how smoothly the transition goes. Employees can be daunted by new technology, so providing engaging training and resources will help to make the adoption of the new technology simpler.

Find out more tips for planning your big IT project – download our comprehensive PDF to ensure you have considered all the important factors and to make sure that your IT project planning for your business goes as smoothly as possible.


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