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Keep a look out for these malware traps

For years we have been warning businesses that cybercriminals are most likely place attacks on their IT system via their email

But it’s not only email they target. Here are some other malware scams to look out for.

Today’s background video was filmed at the clydeside down by Dalmarnock

Keep a look out for these malware traps

Cyber-crime is a real threat. And cyber-criminals are constantly attacking your inbox, hoping you’ll slip up, click on a bad link, and give them access to everything they need to steal from you.

But make no mistake, email isn’t the only way cyber-criminals can attack you.
Because of people’s vigilance to email attacks, cyber-criminals are constantly switching it up. Some of the latest attacks are browser based.

This can include fake installs of software. And download links that look like the real deal.

That’s why it’s important to look out for this type of scam. And have the right security in place to protect you, as it’s sometimes too easy to be tricked.

For more information about what type of protection you should have on your devices, get in touch with us today.

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