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LinkedIn takes action to tackle fake accounts

LinkedIn is taking action against fake accounts on its platform. Our video gives more detail.

LinkedIn account verification takes action to tackle fake accounts

No matter what the platform there will always be those trying to gain the system to the detriment of all the honest users.

Fake accounts are all over social media and not just limited to any one platform. LinkedIn’s owners Microsoft are trying to eradicate this from its business to business platform.

Currently the trial is in the early stages but hopefully it will be rolled out everywhere soon enough, and we can all use the platform with a level playing field.

Obviously it goes without saying that after the checks diligence and cyber awareness will still be required but the advanced verification and actively banning fake accounts will be a welcome addition.

LinkedIn takes action to tackle fake accounts (video content)

You have a LinkedIn profile, right? You may soon be asked to verify your account.

The business networking platform’s taking action to deal with a flood of fake profiles.

These convincing looking accounts are being used to spam other people… tricking them into downloading malware, or revealing personal data.

LinkedIn’s owned by Microsoft. It’s working with secure identity platform, Clear, to introduce a new verification program.

Once you’ve provided evidence of your identity, such as government issued ID, you’ll get a verification mark next to your name.

Just like the ones you see on Twitter… except you won’t have to pay for these.

The programme’s launching with a test group in the US. And we’re expecting a wider rollout soon.

We’ll bring you more news when we hear it.

In the meantime, if you need help keeping all your accounts secure, get in touch.

That’s your tech update, more next week.


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