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What Happens Next? How You can Prepare to Go Back to Your Workplace

lockdown WILL end at some point. So let’s prep for that now

There’s no doubt about it- we’re currently living in very uncertain times. We have all been weathering the same storm, but in different boats. Many of us have had to juggle things, whilst making the transition to work from home.

For some, the transition to working from home would have gone smoothly, particularly for those who planned for the lockdown. But there were also others who struggled with the change.

Planning is key to any change of events. Although we currently don’t know when we will be able to return to the workplace, we can make plans and prepare for the return so that we can create a seamless transition and maximise productivity.

It’s time to reflect…

It is important to reflect on the lockdown and how it has affected your business. What worked well? What would you do differently if you had more time to plan and prepare? Let’s look into the four main elements on how you can prepare to go back to your workplace.

1. Your workforce- the people

It has been widely speculated that there will be a phased end to the lockdown. What does this mean for your workforce? It means that not everyone will come back to the office at the same time. 

Those staying at home may be high risk or live with someone that is. Some workforces have had a drop in staff levels, due to difficult decisions having been made. It’s an uncertain platform, but one thing is for sure- things will not click back to the “old normal” straight away, if at all.

Some of your team may have thrived on working from home. If you hadn’t thought of having remote workers before this, but are witnessing the potential of having them now, you may want to reconsider the flexibility to your workforce.

If you are faced with a phased return, you will need to choose and make decisions on who should come back first. It is needless to say, that those at risk will be the last to return. Also, for those that have coped really well working from home and have been really productive, it may be worth keeping them where they are for now and bringing back the staff that have found it harder at home.

You will have tough decisions to make when it comes to your team returning, make sure to consider all the elements.

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2. What about the equipment?

When you set up working from home for you and your team, you would have needed to provide, or ensure your team had access to devices that they could work on and access the same network, files and applications. How has the home setup worked for your business?

You may have been lucky where IT is concerned and had a seamless switch over. But if you didn’t- think about why? What changes would you like to make?

Safekeeping is another element to think about, and also how to return company equipment. Did your IT service provider keep a list of what was handed out? Will you need to get your IT service provider in to ensure that everything is set up ready for the return of workplace working again?

If you will still have staff working from home, you will need to consider how this will work when it comes to equipment- will you need to purchase more devices or licenses?

What can your IT service provider help with when it comes to making the move back?

3. Are you on top of cyber security?

You need to ensure that your data is safe during transitional moves. When you moved from the workplace to home, it would have been vital to ensure that this data was kept secure and safe- when you make the move back this needs to be considered again.

As long as you have kept on top of things, your data should be secure. Has your staff been following the right protocol? Have you ensured that anti-virus software is up to date for everyone and all the latest versions of software installed?

If the move was a bit of a blur to you, you may want to go over these things to ensure that data is being kept safe and secure. You could use the move back as a fresh start too, checking that everything is up to date, that passwords are strong and that all data is carefully backed up. Data security should be a high priority for all businesses.

4. What about cost savings?

The unfortunate result of Covid 19 is that we are all going to be impacted financially for a while.

IT is essential for businesses to invest in. It ensures the productivity of your staff as well as the security of your data.

But you may need to look at other ways of cutting back– is working from home allowing your company to save money? If you were to look long term at some of your team working from home permanently, could you downsize your premises?

Moving certain meetings online could save you travel time and cost! This has opened up new doors to many. Review all areas of your business to see what changes you could make.

Plan your steps and take action now 

NOW is the time to plan ahead for the next transition. It’s easy to think we will be stuck in lock down forever, but we won’t be. Now is the best time to make plans for the next phase and the next “normal”. The more work and thought that goes into planning and implementing your technology, the easier it will be for both you and your team when lockdown begins to ease.

Please feel free to get in touch if you need help planning and implementing the technical side of your return to the workplace. We would love to make it a smooth seamless transition for you.

download our incredibly helpful Prepare to Go Back to Your Workplace PDF here

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