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The USB scam im sure one of your team would fall for … or would they?

It’s an old trick making a comeback. Simply because it’s so effective.

Yes, the dodgy USB drive is becoming a favourite again amongst certain cyber criminals.

It’s method is the simplest of them all, send it and see who plugs it in… and sadly it continues to work as many don’t realise the potential dangers which makes it   effective. Don’t let your staff make you a statistic in the fight against cybercrime.

None of your team would fall for this usb scam trick… would they?

You won’t believe the latest cyber security scam that’s been dreamt up. It’s very 2005… but people are falling for it.

Some criminals are sending a USB drive in the post.

It looks like it’s from Microsoft, with an updated version of Office.

But actually, the drive is full of malware.

If you plug it in, the software tries to trick you into calling a fake support line.

And the people at the other end will work very hard to persuade you to hand over your bank details.

No-one in your business would fall for that… would they?

Play it safe and warn everyone about this scam.

Perhaps it’s also a good time to review the software and staff training you use to protect your business.

You need the right combination of the two… we can help with that. Get in touch.

None of your team would fall for this usb scam trick… would they?
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