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Microsoft Office 365 Tips - Outlook Focused Inbox

Wouldn’t it be life changing to reach Inbox Zero… every day?

Wouldn’t that be epic. No emails at the end of each day. No worrying that you’ve missed something important.

Or scrolling through the same emails again and again, when you’d rather be playing with your kids (doh).

Inbox Zero isn’t reached by having fewer emails… that’s really hard to achieve. Instead, you need to change the way you handle emails.

We’re Acu IT Solutions, looking after businesses in Glasgow. And we’re on a mission to free business owners and managers like you from the hell of email.

Watch our brand new video now. We’ll tell you about a cool feature in Office 365 called Focused Inbox. It’s a better way to do email.

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Say goodbye to email clutter with Focused Inbox

What’s the first thing you do when you settle down for work in the morning?

If you’re like millions of other people, it’s probably checking your email.

The trouble is, inboxes can quickly become unmanageable.

Leaving you feeling like you’re spending more time looking at messages than actually doing your job.

Focused Inbox is a great feature that comes with Microsoft Office 365. And it puts you back in control of your email.

The intelligent software learns from the people and subjects you interact with the most. Moving important messages into your “focused” tab.

You’ll have one consistent view of high priority messages, available on all devices.

And all the other emails safely sit in your “other” tab. Waiting for you to deal with them, after the important work has been done.

So, you can spend less time looking for things you should be doing. And more time actually doing them.

This is one of hundreds of Office 365 productivity hacks we help our clients with.

How can we help you? Contact us today.

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