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PowerPoint: Raising the game with audio

Powerpoint is a bit Marmite you either love it or hate it but without doubt it is one of the best and most useful and visual ways to get training or your point across to colleagues during a meeting or video call.

Just like all M365 apps hidden beneath the surface Powerpoint has lots of useful little functions and tricks to enhance your presentations and here one that you will enjoy

PowerPoint: Raising the game with audio

Influencing people and winning them over is a managerial super power…

And PowerPoint is a priceless resource to help you do this. Because it visually supports what you’ve got to say.

Perfect if you’re teaching a class, pitching to a potential client, or training your team on a new process.

But imagine if you could go one step further, by adding audio to your

PowerPoint presentation?

Well, guess what. You can.

Adding audio to your PowerPoint slides is really easy. You can add voiceovers, soundtracks or effects across multiple slides, adding ambiance and making your presentation more enjoyable for your audience.

This is another great way to elevate your presentation and make it more memorable.

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Today's Background filming location:

Todays Tech tip video back ground location was was filmed looking towards Portland Street Suspension Bridge over the river Clyde in Glasgow.

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