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Get The Most From Your Team When They’re Working Remotely

How To Get The Most From Your Team When They’re Working Remotely

Did you know that more than 1.54 million people in the UK now work from home on a regular basis?

It’s essential that you can be confident the business is doing what it’s supposed to be doing… while offering your staff flexibility.

So how do you get the balance right?

Our brand new guide is loaded with tips about how to make the most of today’s remote workplace.

  • From how to hone your people skills in a digital world
  • To selecting the right tools to help your team succeed away from the office

Running a business, you need to ensure that you have a great team. Sometimes, your team may be in the position to work remotely. This involves an individual to be conducting work outside the office environment. With a remote working team, you need to ensure that the three C’s are in place; Communication, Collaboration and Clarity. Here is a guide on how to get the most from your team when they’re working remotely.

Remote Working Has Seen A Surge In Popularity

In May 2019, the ONS Labour Force Survey discovered that there has been a huge jump in the number of people working from home in the UK. This has created more opportunities, is flexible and workers are happier. This is possible due to the technological advances over the years.

Managers are having to change the way they run businesses. Is it possible to keep an eye on how effectively employees are working when they are in a different place to you? You have to trust your employees won’t be out socialising, or watching Netflix when they are meant to be working on an important project.

With the right steps in place, you can get the most from your team whilst they enjoy the freedom and benefits of remote working.

It All Starts With Great Leadership.

We can’t rely on technology to do everything for us. There are some things that technology can’t manage as effectively, and one of those is people skills. This is our advice on how to power up your people skills to help lead remote teams. We suggest the following 5 rules;


  1. Ban Clock Watching. Unless you have a team that needs to be working customer service hours, flexibility is one of the advantages of remote working. You may find someone that is incredibly talented at what they do, but this person may have other commitments that prevent them from working traditional hours. Yet, in their own unique schedule, they still produce quality work. It’s important to focus less on measuring time and more on measuring productivity and quality.
  2. Connect As A Team. One of the downsides of remote working is the loneliness and feeling isolated. It is important to encourage teamwork and to regularly check in with employees and make them feel valuable and a vital part of your team. Human connection goes a long way; it is something technology could never replace.
  3. Keep In Touch. You don’t have the ability to connect over coffee in the break room so, replace this when you can with a phone or video call. Make sure that they feel confident with the workload given, or if they are struggling, allow them to be able to reach out to you easily. Ensure workers know what is expected of them, but make regular check in dates.
  4. Inclusivity Is Key. Don’t forget to invite those that work remotely to any staff events and outings. This will help build a positive and trusting relationship.
  5. Encourage A Work/Life Balance. Working from home, it can be easy to lose track of time when working on a task. Before you know it, the evening has crept upon you. Encourage your employees to find a balance, take regular breaks and be kind to themselves. This prevents them reaching burnout.

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The Technology That Can Help With Remote Working

With the rules above, you will have begun to create trusting and positive relationships between management and remote workers. The next step is to ensure that the tools are in place for your workers so that they achieve quality results.

You will need secure, portable, easy to use software and devices. Make sure you update this software regularly. Here is the technology we recommend for that will help boost the productivity of those working from home.

  1. Web Conferencing. Trying to organise staff to be in the same meeting room at the same time can be extremely difficult. Web conferencing makes the big meetings and little connections easier. Web conferencing allows that human element back into remote working.
  2. Online File Sharing. This allows you to respond to queries, create notes and collaborate on work on the go. Imagine the frustration when you want to work on something and you can’t get a hold of it. It is updated frequently, allowing work to stay relevant, up to date and accessible when you need it.
  3. Instant Messaging. This is the backbone to today’s society. It saves an incredible amount of time and money, as you no longer have to call someone up when you have a quick question

Microsoft Office365 is an amazing package that is designed specifically for those that work remotely. It comes with a handy admin portal, allowing the best organisation tool for team working and seamless management. This software is incredible for making the most out of your team when they’re remote working. It helps to avoid the pitfalls mentioned above and makes life easier for all.

For more information on Microsoft 365 and to download our PDF full of information on remote working in teams, click here

Imagine a home working environment that makes life easier, seamless and features the best productivity tools along with many other benefits. With expert assistance, you will be able to create this environment. It would be an organised, efficient, highly scalable and flexible environment.

Get the right strategy in place, power up your people and management skills, make use of the technology and software available and soon you will be making the most out of your remote workers

download our incredibly helpful PDF here

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