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The Top 5 IT Questions We Love to Say YES to!

The Top 5 Questions We Love to Say YES to! 1

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, remote working has increased in abundance. This change in working set ups has yielded many challenges. Now more than ever, it’s vital to have an IT partner that is proactive and ensures that all your needs are met. Tell us, are you happy with your current IT partner?

We believe that every business should have an IT partner. Not just a number you call when you’re feeling frustrated with yet another IT issue. We believe that IT partners should be there to help enable a streamlined way of working, keep your security in order and take the stress away from IT matters.

Are you tired of only talking to your IT partner when another problem has arisen? Below we will go through the top five questions that new clients ask us that we love to say yes to.

1. Can we work together in partnership, rather than just calling you when things go wrong?

Yes, absolutely. The pandemic of 2020 was an eye opener for many, when businesses were suddenly thrust into remote working. This happened to urgently, and it was hard to prepare. Whilst some IT service provides adapted well, others disappeared, leaving their clients overwhelmed, and underprepared. The impact of this would have been vast for those companies.

We believe in a more proactive approach. By working with you on the day-to-day issues, and providing a permanent solution to your IT needs, we are able to minimise the number of times there is an emergency. Also, the scale of the issues is far less as proactiveness reduces many risks. We are a partner you can rely on… so please don’t just call us when it goes wrong.

2. Can your services help me to grow my business?

YES! IT is vital and paramount to a business. It is at the core. From your cash register, to your network, devices, phones and software. Think about the apps you use, or the way you share files or back up your data. A business without IT is like a forest without the trees.

Here at ACU IT, we believe that your IT infrastructure should be streamlined and tailored exactly for you. We can do this, by building on that partnership relationship with you. By getting to know your business inside out, we will be able to make the right improvements for your business to run smoothly.

By asking the right questions and getting to know you and your team, we can adjust your system to work harder for you. That means you can work smarter, whilst the systems work harder. Imagine being more motivated and productive in your business? The knock-on effect will lead to happier customers of yours.

3. Do you work proactively, or just fix things when they break?

Yes, and no. It’s all part of us being more than just another supplier. Our experience shows us that the best way to keep your systems running at optimum levels is by being proactive. We’ll develop your infrastructure to grow as your business does but more importantly, to keep it secure.

We understand that things can, and do go wrong, no matter how proactive we are. Fortunately for most of our clients, they only suffer minor problems that are easily rectified. However, if a major breakdown or breach in security happens, you can rest easy knowing that the IT set up we have in place reduces the damage caused. This results in as little disruption to your business as possible.

4. Do you have a clear plan in place for if our IT goes down?

Absolutely. We’ve seen how catastrophic it can be when an IT setup goes down with no recovery plan in place. If it is minor issue then it could mean some down time, but when it’s a security breach, it can be the downfall of a business.

Disaster recovery is one of the methods we use as a first and foremost. It is vital in this instance to have an off-sit back-up of all data, which is updated every day and regularly checked. Our disaster recovery plans vary for each of our clients, as we recognise each has unique requirements and needs.

We work remotely 99% of the time, so we can work fast on getting you back on your feet. However, when the need is there for our help in person, we’ll be there in a flash. You can count on us to look after your business as if it were our own.

5. Can you maintain and update our systems without disruption to the team?

Yes. Most of the time we work in the background, taking care of the long list of IT responsibilities we need to. In fact, as you will experience zero disruption a lot of the time, you will be unaware of the majority of work that goes into it. This means that you won’t experience a lot of downtime, because we know how frustrating that can be.

Occasionally, such as when we suspect an issue, we may require you to log out momentarily. We strive to make your life easier and boost your business productivity, not get in the way.

Any other questions?

These are the five most frequently asked questions that new clients ask us, which we can happily answer with positive responses.

If there are any questions that weren’t covered in this blog post, then do feel free to get in contact with us. We understand that taking on a new IT partner is a big decision. As a dedicated, proactive IT partner, we are very transparent with our answers.

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five most frequently asked questions that new clients ask us .....

We understand that taking on a new IT partner is a big decision and Our Guide covers the most frequently asked questions that new clients ask us in greater detail than the blog post above.

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If your question isn’t covered we are more than happy for you to get in touch and ask us any other questions you may have.

If you are looking for an outsourced IT service partner, then please do get in touch. We would love to have a positive impact on your business security in 2021.
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