Your team are your biggest cybersecurity threat

the biggest weakness in the data security of your business even though they are not to blame your team is your team.

Our video shows the best way to deal with reducing the cybersecurity risk within your team.

Did you know that your staff is the biggest cybersecurity threat to your business?

Every 19 seconds, a small business gets successfully attacked by cyber-criminals.

And this statistic is only getting worse every single year.

So it’s vital to know how to protect yourself and your business.
Starting with what your biggest threat is.

The answer: Your team.

As it only takes one person to click one bad link, in one email and you can be attacked.

Training is vital to prevent this from happening and to strengthen your business’s defences.

Your team needs to understand the dangers of weak passwords. And to look out for things like suspicious links and phishing emails.

Plus all of the other cyber-security threats that face your business today.
This is something we can help you with. Let’s talk.

Today's Background filming location:

Today’s video background was filmed at the largest terracotta fountain in the world the Doulton Fountain in Glasgow. 

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