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10 Remarkable Productivity Apps That You Can Find In Microsoft 365

Discover 10 remarkable productivity apps that you can find in Microsoft 365 that you might not have realised you're paying for.

From To-Do to Done: The Must-Have Microsoft 365 Apps for Peak Productivity!

You will probably be familiar with the saying – don’t work harder, work smarter. This is a motto we live by and we love discovering new tools and innovations that can do the hard work for us, freeing up our time for other tasks (or a quick coffee!)

This month we wanted to share our tips for getting the most out of Microsoft 365, including an overview of the 10 most useful productivity apps. Microsoft 365 is full of time-saving, efficiency boosting features. But if you’re a busy person, you probably don’t have time to sit down and get to grips with the ins and outs of each app.

We have expert knowledge of all the Microsoft 365 apps, so we can provide you with recommendations for the ones that we think you will find most useful!

You might already be familiar with the more commonly used apps like Outlook and OneDrive but maybe you are not unlocking the full potential that could save yourself some time along the way.

Download our guide for a full run-down of these apps:

To Do
Dynamics 365

In our guide we explain the key features of each app and how you can optimise your productivity by using them.

From To-Do to Done: The Must-Have Microsoft 365 Apps for Peak Productivity

Rather just read online we also have Magazine version 

How these apps will revolutionise your work output

We’ll show you how To Do can work like your very own personal assistant.

Are you using an outdated or expensive method to create forms to collect data? Maybe Forms has the capability you need to gather the information you need with a fast and simple set up process for surveys and quizzes.

If you are looking for an easy way to manage your team’s tasks, ensuring deadlines don’t get missed and providing a platform for simple team collaboration, Planner could be the perfect solution.

Delve into the nuances of your productivity with MyAnalytics, a handy app that enables you to identify bottlenecks and drive efficiencies in your working day. Get a better understanding of how you use your time and where you would be better using your time.

A small subscription with huge potential

Microsoft 365 costs a small subscription fee but provides so many useful apps that can streamline your operations, boost productivity and propel your business forward.

If you are already paying for Microsoft 365, make sure that you are optimising the digital solutions that are included in the package – they could revolutionise the way that you work, using these apps to take your business to the next level.

Our guide is free to download and provides a quick introduction to the 10 best apps in Microsoft 365, so take 5 minutes to read through the guide and it could save you hours of work in the future!

Video Transcript

In the world of business, productivity is king. But are you getting the most out of your Microsoft 365 subscription?

Sure, you know about Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. But what about the hidden gems?

Meet Microsoft Planner – your new project management best friend. Organise tasks, assign work, and track progress, all in one place.

Or how about MyAnalytics? It’s like having a personal productivity coach, giving insights on your work habits and helping you work smarter.

Then there’s Stream. Think of it as your company’s own private YouTube for sharing videos securely.

And if you need quick feedback from clients or employees, don’t forget Microsoft Forms. It lets you create surveys in minutes.

There’s so much extra in Microsoft 365 when you dive deeper.

Discover these tools and more to boost your business productivity. If we can help you get the most from any software, get in touch.


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