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Planner helps your team to get things done

The Microsoft 365 Planner is a new tool that has been introduced by Microsoft as part of their Microsoft 365 suite. This is a project management tool that has been built specifically to integrate with other Microsoft 365 tools. This means that you will be able to use this tool to collaborate with your team and to get work done.. This tool is aimed at making project management easier for teams of all sizes.

Today, more than ever, companies are looking for ways to stay competitive. They have to work smarter and faster to stay ahead. This can’t be done without a solid plan. If you’re looking for a way to boost your productivity, reduce the chaos at work, and get organized, the Microsoft 365 Planner might be just the tool you need.

 It is a perfect tool for business teams who want to simplify Project management and stay on top of their tasks. It is a good idea to try the service if you want a single place where you can see the progress of your team as it provides an easy to use interface for managing project, task management capabilities, collaboration tools with other team members

Planner helps your team to get things done

Managing tasks and projects can be really challenging when your team’s working in different locations.

Fortunately, Microsoft 365 Planner has a central hub for everyone. To share files securely, create plans, check on progress and to assign and organise tasks to different people.

The key advantage of Planner over other task management apps is integration.
Planner has all the efficiency you’d expect from the Microsoft ecosystem and works impressively with Outlook, SharePoint, and Teams.

Its interface is simple. But shows all the key information on projects completed, and the ones in progress.

Members will see their group automatically in Outlook along with notifications of assigned tasks and new plans.

Planner is included with all business 365 subscriptions as standard.
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