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Defend & Invest – your business technology strategy guide

As 2021 draws to a close and 2022 beckons on the horizon, now is the perfect moment to begin drawing up your business battle plans for the year ahead. It’s time to take that head start you promised yourself. Leave the competition behind, and ensure your company is primed, secure, and ready to take control of 2022.

defend and invest- business technology strategy guide

At AcuIT we believe in Defend and Invest, and we’re here to guarantee the safety of your company. We’re here to provide you with the confidence and assurance needed to forge ahead and achieve an even greater level of business success. We promise to strengthen and empower your company’s defences against the imminent and grave threat of hackers and cyber-criminals.

We will help you to prepare and secure your company against the danger of cyber-attacks. We’ll also help you to stack your defence to a level far greater than any of our closest competitors.

How can you defend your IT against threats?

You wouldn’t leave your house unguarded. Neither would you leave your keys in the ignition of your car. So why would you leave your business vulnerable to attack from cyber-criminals around the world? If you have a decent defense, you will essentially lock the cyber door that protects your business.

Criminals are looking for vulnerabilities every minute of every day. However, with the correct defense, they’ll be forced to look elsewhere.

It’s estimated that cyber-crime last year cost companies at least $1 trillion dollars worldwide. Thanks to the pandemic there’s been a huge increase in hybrid working and a new increased, essential reliance on your online network. The result of which means a vast increase in opportunity for cyber-criminals to attack your business.

Whether it’s outdated tech, human error, or a vulnerable system, all it takes is a single wrong click. Subsequently, your business could find itself under attack from cyber-criminals.

Recent stats have suggested that 80% of cyber-crime is the result of human error. This could be due to a phishing email, an easy to guess password, or lost tech. Looking into the concept of ‘Defend and Invest’ could be the difference between total business disaster and total business security.

As a business owner, you need to consider several essential strategies for 2022.

Three of the most important are:

• Will I continue to be reliant on hybrid working?
• Will the threat of cyber-criminals increase or decrease in the next year?
• Will I be forced to improve the safety of my business in the long term?

For any ambitious business owner, the answer to the above three questions is yes, so we encourage you to be proactive, rather than reactive. Why wait until it’s too late before upgrading safety procedures? If you act now, it will save you untold heartache and stress in the future.

The problem with a reliance on out-of-date software, or slightly older technology is that the cyber-criminals seeking vulnerable businesses are attacking them using cutting-edge technology. The benefits of improving your security are numerous.

Our in-depth info about Defend and Invest, your business technology guide for 2022

Rather just read online we also have online Magazine style version 

There are three areas you should focus on in 2022 as part of your IT defense strategy. These are:

1. The right tools. This could include a password manager, biometrics and enabling two factor authentication.
2. The right systems. Implement and police the right systems. Create policies for worst case scenarios so your team knows what to do.
3. The right training for your people. As already mentioned, human error can be fatal when it comes to cyber-crime. Training your staff on these issues will drastically help.

It’s important to consider how technology can empower your growth as a business. Successful businesses know that by investing in the right technology, it can give you a real edge. The right technology can improve your business by the following:

• Your people can be more efficient
• Communication improves
• Costs are cut

All of this can then go onto benefit your customers too. So, how do you know what to invest in? It’s important to review your business growth strategy and then invest in anything that helps to deliver it. Before each investment, ask “Will this create value for my business?”

When investing, it’s important to realise that during the initial period, your team will be learning how to use the new systems. This period of adjustment may mean initially less productivity, but this will soon improve. You will also need to cater for training and troubleshooting. By investing in the right technology, you can see growth and savings further down the line.

The business strategy you intend to pursue within the next year is the blueprint that decides whether you have a successful, prosperous year, or a stressful, catastrophic one. When it comes to the health and security of your business, any type of risk is too great a risk.

Give your business the upper hand it deserves and build your success.

Are you ready to defend and invest in your business?

Ask yourself the following:

1. Do you have a technology strategy for 2022?
2. Have you investigated your defense and investments?
3. Do you have a technology partner that can help you with growth and day to day support?

download defend & invest business strategy guide

For more in-depth info about Defend and Invest, download our comprehensible PDF full of even more information and tips for you to follow

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