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How To Ensure Your Business’s Spend On IT Is An Investment And Never An Expense.

Does your IT support company seem to always be fixing your technology?… It’s time to switch! Read on to find out how you can proactively prevent IT problems.

7 KPIs for ROI from IT

Over the years, we have come to notice two sets of clients. There are those that want things done as cheaply as possibly, regardless of the result. Then, there are the clients who equally appreciate sometimes you must spend a little more to get the best result. Whichever one you are, I’m sure you will want to get the best value for money going forwards. That’s why this blog will explore how you can ensure your businesses spend on IT is an investment, and never an expense.
We whole heartedly appreciate all businesses face issues in trying to save costs where possible and maximise profit. However, IT is central to most businesses. A vast majority of businesses are now online on some way. Most will have their own websites to inform and advertise to potential clients. Likewise, most will have social media to add that extra visibility, and some will have online stores to add convenience for consumers. Choosing the cheapest IT option isn’t always the best, but we still do factor in value for money.
So how can you ensure that you are receiving the best possible return on your investment in IT? We have listed a few key performance indicators to ensure you are getting what you paid for!

Firstly, how long does it take to solve an IT problem?

Whilst the answer can’t always be precise, it also isn’t the same as “how long is a piece of string”. The time taken will all depend on the nature of the problem and the effect it has had. Once that has been established, the answer to how long it will take does become considerably clearer. It is also easier to answer for an experienced IT service provider, as most problems that arise, will have been dealt with by them before.

How much downtime will there be?

Every IT system requires downtime to allow for maintenance. However, this planned downtime needs to be during a time that isn’t going to be a real hit for the business. A reputable IT service provider won’t plan downtime for when is best for them and not consider your business needs. Terefore, this should be mutually agreed to avoid as much inconvenience as possible.
We can’t always plan for everything and sometimes there may be an emergency downtime that wasn’t planned for. However, getting you back working and running efficiently will be a priority for IT service providers. This minimises the disruption caused to your business.

Which software is best?

An IT service provider should want to learn about your business and where you see it going. They will take on board what you want to develop and any future plans in the pipeline to progress. Without knowing about your business, it makes it difficult to put forward options on which software, hardware and facilities would be best suited to your needs.

Choose someone that truly want to get to know you and your business needs. From this information, it’s possible to begin forecasting the cost of technology needed and reduce any last-minute spending.

How can you measure how successful the infrastructure is?

Like everything in business, it’s always beneficial to have a review period of what works well and what needs improvement. The same goes for IT infrastructure. An IT service provider will periodically review the infrastructure to ensure that what you have, is actually working and benefitting your business.
A record of any system failures and how long it has been between each one will be evaluated. Therefore, if a pattern emerges that the amount of system failures is increasing, it may be time to update your software, hardware, or IT systems. All of which should be talked through in detail with you.

Rather just read online we also have Magazine version 

Are you ready to ensure you have the right return of investment from your IT service provider?

Would you like to learn more about getting the most out of your IT service provider? If you’d like our full list of 7 detailed key performance indicators, please read our full PDF download on 7 KPI’s for ROI From IT.

7 KPIs for ROI from IT

For more information on how we can assist your business with our IT expertise, please call us on 0141 255 1617.

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