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Don't walk the plank with pirated software

Would your business risk using pirated software? Many would according to a new study, and it’s really risky.Watch our latest tech update video to learn why it’s such a bad idea

Yes, it's obvious, but pirated software is bad.

Many of you will read this and think “no S sherlock” but do you know exactly what is on your staffs business computers and laptops?

We all know it is bad but sometimes items can slip through the net, even legal purchased software may not have the correct business licencing. 

We know it time consuming and you have other more importantly things to concern yourself with in the business so let us take the burden from your hands. We can help you make sure proper policies are in place to reduce and eradicate the risk so that your staff are only using correctly licenced software.

Are you 100% sure what software is on every pc in your business?

If you’ve ever been tempted to download pirated software, you’re not alone.

A massive 56% of businesses have said they’d consider pirated cyber security software.

The problem is not just that it’s illegal. You’re unsupported when something goes wrong.

And it’s a common way for cyber criminals to spread malware.

That makes it a really bad way to try and save money. Because a cyber-attack could end up costing you a fortune.

Our advice?

Stop your team from downloading anything risky with a good plan for managing admin rights. Always use genuine software from a reputable source.

We’re here to help you choose the right – legal – software for your business. Just get in touch.


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