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give your homeworking staff a little trust

Should you be monitoring your homeworking remote staff constantly to make sure they’re not slacking off? We think not… watch our latest tech update to find out why.

are you constantly watching over your homeworking and remote staff?

so many businesses think their staff needs watching over more when they cant be seen, but research proves otherwise.

The more your staff are watched the more undervalued they feel which in turn will lead to lack of motivation and less productivity. Lets face it would you wish to be overlooked 247 and still feel like you’re a valuable asset to the company? of course you wouldn’t.

give your homeworker and remote staff a bit of creative trust to do their job effectively and the vast majority will thank you for it in loyalty and productivity. Happy staff always work harder.

A little trust can go a long way

Hybrid and remote working have had a huge positive impact on businesses around the world.

Most people working from home agree – the flexibility gives them more job satisfaction and leaves them feeling happier.

So why are some employers insisting on bringing people back to the office?

Maybe some managers find it hard to trust their people are working properly when they can’t physically see them at a desk.

That’s led to a lot of companies looking for ways to monitor their teams’ work.

If you don’t do this right, it can feel very Big Brother… and no one likes to feel like they’re always being watched.

A little trust really does go a long way. Research shows a happy, hybrid team will be more productive, more loyal and more likely to deliver amazing results.

We have some great ideas to help you understand your staff’s productivity. And at the same time build a hybrid workplace that works for everyone.

There’s no obligation to buy anything – so let’s talk.


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