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How to Boost Your Data Security

Data Security: If you haven’t already got it set up, it’s something you need to do as soon as possible.Our guide will help you understand why.

Secure Your Data Under Lock and Key

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Secure Your Data Under Lock and Key

As you’ll be aware, any business that processes or stores customer or employee data has a legal requirement to ensure that they have adequate security solutions in place. Failure to meet regulations such as GDPR can result in hefty fines and reputational damage, so data security is always a top priority.

If you don’t have much experience with data security, this can sound a bit overwhelming, but we’re here to help.

This month’s guide – Secure Your Data Under Lock and Key provides expert guidance on the most effective solutions and best practices to ensure your data is secure.

It includes an introduction to encryption, with a deep dive into the reasons why encryption is an essential element of your data security strategy. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Data privacy compliance
  • Safeguarding reputation
  • Mitigating insider threats
  • Preventing unauthorised access
  • Business continuity

Encryption is key to protecting your business from data breaches, insider threats and the legal consequences of failing to protect data. Once a data breach has occurred, your business will face many challenges, such as:

  • Loss of trust
  • Operational disruption
  • Legal battles
  • Recovery costs

At this point, there will be questions asked regarding why measures such as encryption had not been taken to avoid the catastrophic situation the business is now in. If you have not experienced a serious data security issue yet, your business has been fortunate. Data breaches are occurring at an increasingly regular frequency, targeting businesses of all sizes.

Maybe you have not had time to explore how encryption will benefit your business or you are apprehensive because it sounds like a costly and complicated solution. However, encryption is probably a lot more straightforward than you think, and it could end up saving you money if it helps you to avoid operational disruption, fines and recovery costs.

How encryption works

Encryption involves taking readable text and transforming it into an unreadable, scrambled format. There are two main types of encryption:

  • Symmetric encryption
  • Asymmetric encryption


Asymmetric encryption requires a public key and a private key to decrypt, while symmetric only requires one and is more likely to be compromised. We can advise you on best practices to protect your keys and explain which solution will be the most suitable for your business.

Secure your data security under lock and key with acui.

What types of encryption are best for my business?

There are different tools and technologies to use that can be implemented across your business, depending on your needs. These include:

  • File and folder encryption
  • Email encryption
  • Full disk encryption
  • Cloud storage encryption
  • Communication encryption such as SSL/TLS and VPNs

Download your free guide – Secure Your Data Under Lock and Key to learn the most effective ways to protect your business data. We reveal encryption best practices and all the considerations for choosing the right type of encryption tools for your business.

If you would like to discuss your data security options, contact ACU IT Solutions today.


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