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is your company's old tech risking data breach?

old tech has can be very vulnerable to data breach. Our video explains more.

Could your company's outdated technology be putting your data at risk of being breached?

Unsupported software: As technology advances, developers and manufacturers eventually stop providing updates and patches for older software and operating systems. Without regular security updates, these systems become increasingly vulnerable to attacks, as any identified security flaws remain unaddressed.

Outdated encryption and authentication methods can be easily exploited by attackers to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data. It is important to use strong encryption algorithms and up-to-date authentication methods to ensure the security of data.

Obsolete technology may fail to meet current security standards and procedures. It could potentially lack support for two-factor authentication or encounter compatibility problems with modern security tools and software.

Limited vendor support: Older technology may no longer receive support from its original vendor, which means that any security vulnerabilities discovered will remain unpatched. This lack of support can leave organizations more exposed to potential  data breaches.

Minimize the chances of security threats by maintaining up-to-date technology, implementing security patches, replacing obsolete software and hardware, and adhering to data security protocols.

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Is your business data at risk? Don’t take chances with old tech

When you replace your business’s computers, do you delete data off the old ones and then just… get rid of them?

You could be putting your business at risk.

Old hard drives are often sold online. Cyber criminals buy them and attempt to recover millions of deleted files.

Even if your hard drive’s damaged, there’s still a chance data can be recovered.

Good news. There is a way to protect yourself.

Ask a professional to handle the data transfer to new devices. They can ensure old drives are “sanitised” – wiped totally clean or even physically destroyed.

You should do this with computers and any external drives.

Would you leave important documents lying around for anyone to see? Of course not! Your digital information deserves the same protection.

If we can help, get in touch.


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