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Is Dave on Facebook again?

Some Social media can sometimes be a little breathing space booster to regain thoughts. But it can quickly become a distraction to some of your staff.

Instead of an overall one size fits all ban of social media within your business’s network, here’s an alternative you can introduce instead.

People often ask us where the backgrounds are filmed:
This video background location was Glasgow Green looking onto the Winter Gardens of the People’s Palace, Glasgow

Is Dave on Facebook again?

Face facts, you can’t stop your team posting the odd tweet, checking their Instagram stories or liking their friend’s latest Facebook post while at work.
And you’re probably OK with that. So long as it doesn’t get in the way of their work.

But for some people, social media can be too much of a temptation. It can cause them to lose focus and reduce productivity. Which is when it becomes a problem.

Instead of banning social media across your network, you could consider internet monitoring.

It’s a way of discreetly monitoring how they’re using the internet. And if you see that there’s a problem, you can raise it with them privately in the right way.

To talk more about internet monitoring, or other tools to help your team be more productive, please get in touch with us today.

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