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Old tech isn’t just slowing you down

You won’t tend to notice it but over time computers slow down. You will find if you sit your older computer (even as little as 3 years) next to a new one of similar new quality yours will be much slower.

Slow down though isn’t the major worry for those of us in business IT  Support. Our tech tip video we cover what is the major concern IT pros face 

People often ask us where the backgrounds are filmed:
This video background location was Hogganfield Loch, Glasgow

Old tech isn’t just slowing you down

Technology moves quickly and it can be hard to keep up. You don’t always need the very latest devices. But you should also be wary of letting your equipment become too outdated.

Older computer systems are not just slower, they are also less secure.

An older machine may not be capable of running the latest operating system or antivirus software, making it vulnerable to malware and hacking attempts.

There will also come a time when older equipment won’t be able to run up-to-date applications. Again, this leaves you vulnerable to cybercrime as there will be no support available if something goes wrong.

Sure. New equipment costs money. But it’s a good investment to stop your data falling into the wrong hands.

For advice on upgrading your systems for maximum security and peace of mind, get in touch today.

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