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You’re using Teams in your business, right?

Meetings and communication are vital to an organization’s success. What if your meeting is conducted on Teams and you missed an important message? That would be a colossal waste of time!

While most meetings and calls are facilitated through Teams, some individuals or groups in your organization might not be able to use Teams or are unable to fully interact during a particular meeting.

Luckily there a feature now within teams called immersive reader.

Microsoft has announced the latest features of Immersive Reader, which will highly benefit people with dyslexia and visual impairments or busy staff who can use the immersive reader functionality while doing other tasks. The update includes new features like the ability to adjust text size, colour contrast, font type and spacing. Additionally, as sharing is extremely simple within teams this allows users to share information with others in a more engaging way.

Text-based chat apps are often difficult to use for people with various impairments that make it harder to use text-based communication. These people experience discrimination and limitations because of this. The immersive reader is a new feature in Microsoft Teams that provides text and images for anyone to read within a channel. They use artificial intelligence to make the text feel more natural through features such as voice activation, song/music integration, and video narration. You can read articles in both an immersive mode or a highly optimized mode for faster reading a highly optimized mode for faster reading

What is immersive Reader in Microsoft teams?

Microsoft Teams Immersive Reader features text-to-speech, speech control, a visual dictionary and the ability to insert bookmarking points. The program also has an audio mode which will read text aloud with professional voice actors with variable speed options. which means everyone can use it! Now, Teams is the perfect tool for all employees from different teams to connect. It fosters better communication while reducing the risk of missing important messages. So what are you waiting for? Give Teams a try!

Teams: Immersive and inclusive

Teams has become a vital part of the Microsoft 365 world, because so many of us are working & learning remotely.

One-to-one conversations, group messaging, video meetings and audio calls are all key features of Teams. Along with useful integration into other 365 applications such as Word, Outlook, and SharePoint.

The value in Teams is obvious. But with features like Immersive Reader, Microsoft has taken it to another level.

Immersive reader speaks the text on a channel at a speed that’s comfortable for the person using it. It’s useful for slower readers, those who need to grab information while focusing elsewhere or those using smaller screens.

Immersive reader is just one example of how Teams has evolved to become one of the most popular Microsoft 365 apps for collaboration.

Contact us for a closer look at this and other features.

The video background was filmed in Dean Castle Country Park in Kilmarnock

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