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AcuIT Insider Newsletter 32

AcuIT 32 Newsletter. Written for small business people just like you. This month's main topic is "zero trust" and a host of other IT stuff aimed at small companies.

Issue 32 edition of our AcuIT Insider newsletter

 Our AcuIT Insider newsletter 32.

Our main page this month is “what does zero trust actually mean?“

we give nice easy to understand description and how it effects your small business. There a few pros and cons but it cetainly is the way forward for data security and you will be hearing lots more about it as time goes on and more and more of the big companies adopt it.

Also inside this edition:

Also inside

  • How much do you think was paid out in the world’s worst ransomware attack?
  • Microsoft Teams is getting better on Android devices
  • The popular To Do app within Microsoft 365 is coming to the Apple Watch

Plus the usual tech facts, Q&A, and our little just for fun tech quiz. How well will you do?

We do hope you reading your AcuIT Insider 32 newsletter, and as always we’d love to hear your feedback on it. Or any other questions you wish to ask


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