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Are your younger employees experiencing tech shame?

Tech shame affects many younger employees, are yours suffering from it? our video gives more details.

for many younger employees "tech shame" is real

We have all been there, thinking because many gen Z have used technology all their life that they don’t require any tech support help.

Yes, these employees are in the whole tech savvy in certain technologies they haven’t had the experience within a business environment and would be detrimental to assume they do. Remember many of them have never received the normal career start of being in an office and have had to start their careers working remotely.

These employees often feel unable to ask for technology help due to pressure they should know everything thus managers and more senior staff should make it easy for them to know they can ask for tech help.

are you causing tech Shame for your younger staff?

Younger workers are less comfortable with new technology than you might think.

A new study’s found a fifth of 18 to 29-year-olds feel judged when they encounter an IT problem.

Despite growing up with modern tech – literally in the palm of their hands – office devices can still be a mystery to them.

You see, many of today’s first jobbers have only ever worked remotely. And some have never used standard office tools, such as PCs, or Word and Excel.

They’ve missed out the training and experience older colleagues take for granted. Reducing their confidence when they have a tech problem.

A little training across your whole team can help everyone, and give a real confidence boost to younger workers. Which could be a fantastic investment in productivity.

We can help with this – get in touch.

That’s your tech update, more next week.


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