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How To Reduce The Burden On Your Brain with M365

Running a business means managing a lot of responsibilities. Managing those responsibilities can sometimes be difficult. It can be frustrating when you have interruptions or issues arise that need to take your focus away from what you are doing. How can Microsoft M365 help you reduce the burden on your brain?

Reduce the burden on your brain

The more tasks your brain must flit between, including the unexpected interruptions, the greater the strain on your brain. It can leave you feeling mentally exhausted at the end of the day. By the time you get home you are too exhausted to join in with your family or have any energy to partake in any hobbies outside of work.
We will talk about some solutions that are all included in Microsoft 365. Not all the solutions may be suitable for your business or how you work. But using just a couple of the solutions will ease some stress and leave more free space in your brain at the end of the day.

How can you reduce the burden on your brain?

There are five key areas to focus our solutions on: scheduling, planning, workflows, automation, and focus. So, how can each of these help you work more effectively and productively?

1. Scheduling

Your calendar needs to be up to date and scheduling in key dates and times. This needs to be done in a way that best suits your needs. Microsoft Office has lots to offer for scheduling, meetings both virtually and in person and booking time slots.

Microsoft Office Teams became very popular during lockdown. We can see why; it’s easy to use and the meetings have a limit of 24hours (that would be some meeting!) for paid usage or 60 minutes for the free version.

Another tool for your calendar is Bookings. This tool enables you to openly share your calendar with people. Bookings allows people to book in their own appointments with you. However, it can be altered so you can set restrictions so if you prefer meetings on a certain day or time of day. Bookings transfers all details to your Outlook calendar, so you aren’t flicking between the two.

Tools such as Scheduling assistant and Room Finder can assist you in finding a suitable time and date when everyone is free. This helps you to then book a meeting. That certainly saves time on sending out tedious email to find out everyone’s availability!

2. Planning

Do you often not know where to start when it comes to your workload? To prevent yourself getting bogged down with huge mounds of tasks, it’s important to plan your workload efficiently. You can plan at the start of the week or each day but a great tool to help is Microsoft’s To Do app.
This app not only allows you to write your tasks for each day, but you can also prioritise, track, and organise in a particular order. You can even assign tasks to other team members, which is the best part and my personal favourite.

How to reduce the burden on your brain with M365

Rather just read online we also have Magazine version 

3. Workflows

To avoid interruption, you can use a tool called Planner. It’s a tool that does what it says on the tin, helps to plan. You can involve anyone relevant, so your team can see exactly what it is they need to be getting on with and how. You can create tasks and later update them, and anyone assigned to that task will receive a notification.  

Want to know how much time your team are spending time on each task? Planner creates detailed reports of time spent on each task. Your team can then take responsibility for their own workload and time taken.

4. Automation

Finding it hard to find a balance between home and work life? Are tasks piling up while you deal with tedious admin?

Then this tool is for you! Or for anyone looking to save time.

The Power Automate app lets you automate any of your regular business tasks. It’s simple to use and you can add as many tasks as you like to automate. The app will also give you recommendations on other tasks you could automate to save even more time! With tasks such as data entry, reports and invoicing being automated, there is more time to focus on the important things.  

5. Focus

You come into work, there waiting is a huge pile of jobs needing doing on top of everything else you had planned to do. The sun is shining outside, your family are off to the beach, or your friends are having a pool party. Sometimes it can be hard to focus.
Focus Assist silences all your notifications for a pre-set period of time. This means no digital distractions. Of course, there may be some notifications that you simply can’t ignore. Focus Assist allows you to set up priority notifications so you will never miss these. In the latest version of Windows & M365, you have greater control over those notifications you see and don’t want to disturb you.
Have you been delaying starting on a task because of its complexity? This tool will help give you the head space you need to tackle it.

How To Reduce The Burden On Your Brain with M365 1

Ready, get set, go!

We already know that you will be raring to go and try out some of these tools! We hope they help you save time and brain space, leaving you with more energy to enjoy the simple things in life after work.
There are of course, plenty more apps and tools that we can recommend. For more detailed information on the ones mentioned here, please check out our full PDF version.

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