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Are you set up for working anywhere, on any device, at any time?

The pandemic of 2020 saw a rise in homeworking. Our vision on this matter changed, with many businesses realising that this is a viable option for work going forwards. There are just a couple of thigs which should be considered; how does your business deal with different working patterns? And have you got employees working remotely, either full or part time whilst the rest remain in the office? IE, are you set up for working anywhere, on any device, at any time?

Any working set-up should be efficient and effortless. Things should run smoothly, so that work productivity is maximised. If you struggle with your work set up, then read ahead to see what tips we suggest, including apps to utilise and policies to implement to make working anywhere easier.

1. What to do when you have a mixture of remote working and in-house

Some employees may benefit from having a flexible working pattern. This may mean that some days they will work from home, whilst others they will commute to the office. If this is the case, these are the questions you need to think about;

• Will they have a work-issued device to use at home and a computer in the office?
• Will they be bringing a laptop back and forth?
• Will they be using a personal device at home instead, and a work device in the office?

With all of these questions considered, security must be a priority. Have you made sure that all of the devices are updated with the latest versions of operating systems, applications and security? Is remote access working efficiently? Is back-up performing successfully each day?

If an employee is bringing a device back and forth between home and the office, have you got the right procedures in place so if the device is lost or stolen, you will be able to remotely restrict access to the data? Is there a person who will take responsibility for making sure the procedure is being followed?

Precautions are better than panic. Make sure you have everything in place so that safety and security is covered in these situations, so that if it ever occurs, you and your team know exactly how to handle it all. Create a work culture when it comes to IT security.

2. Make regularly check ins with remote and partly- remote workers

Feeling disconnected is a very quick way to become demotivated. That is why it is really important to connect regularly with your employees who are either working fulltime remotely, or part time.

Zoom and Skype are great ways to host meetings and touching base chats with these employees. They are easy for everyone to access and are perfect for popping on to boost the morale.

Microsoft Teams also comes highly recommended by us at ACU IT. This amazing tool helps your team to keep on track with projects, allows documents to be shared, colleagues to connect and also helps with planning ahead. It really is a one stop shop for making sure teams work effectively together, maximising productivity and workflow.

We would highly recommend you giving this a try. You will be able to add the whole team and they can talk over instant messages, video calls, voice calls and emails. They can also share and edit documents, making collaboration a dream. They can @Mention each other in messages and post updates. It works similar to social media, so the whole team will be able to find it easy to use.

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3. Review your IT infrastructure

Work with your IT service provider to review how well you are set up for flexible working patterns. It may be that certain things may need to be adjusted, such as your VPN (Virtual Private Network) This allows people to login to the network from home. Your IT service provider will be able to advise as to whether a different one would meet your requirements more.

Your IT service provider will also be able to tell you if your devices suit the needs of each employee’s roles. They may even be able to source the most appropriate devices, within your budget.

Remote working, without the risks

Allowing employees to work part time, or full time remotely has its many advantages. The only thing you need to ensure is that flexible working arrangements are running smoothly. Have a look over our tips above to make sure everything is working efficiently with your devices, networks, phones and IT security. Following these tips helps reduce safety and security risks, as well as boosting the productivity within your team, wherever they may be.

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