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5 quick ways to boost your small business WiFi speed

Business is hard enough without having to put up with slow wifi. You deserve better and so does your team.Here are 5 quick ways to make your Wi-Fi faster

Is your small business Wi-Fi running slow?

Have you ever wondered about how to boost your business’s WiFi speed? Effective and fast business WiFi is crucial to ensure that your business is managed effectively and efficiently. However, this is something many people miss for their business, and if you’ve been in a similar position, you may be wondering if there are ways to overcome this frustrating issue!

Let’s face it – nothing’s worse that having to put up with your team complaining about slow business Wi-Fi all day long. “The Wi-Fi won’t work!” is a drone that so many of us put up with, but you don’t have to live with this. Better yet, ensuring you have great business WiFi is also a simple way to reduce the risk your teams not working productively!

Wave goodbye to those frustratingly unproductive days with work piling up constantly – there’s a better option! Indeed, finding the best solutions to improve your workplace WiFi systems can massively improve internet speeds and help everyone do their job more efficiently, as a result.

So, why leave your business Wi-Fi to chance? Our Video above gives  you 5 quick and simple Wi-Fi fixes that could get you all back up and running again at full speed. And if non of them help you then we at AcuIT Solutions are always only a call away to help with your company wifi issues as there are countless amazing options available that could help you find the ideal solutions for your business WiFi.

5 quick ways to boost your business’s WiFi speed

When your business’s Wi-Fi just isn’t fast enough, it’s frustrating for everyone.

Which can mean more complaining and less work being done.

Here are 5 quick ways to check and boost your Wi-Fi speeds.

First, run a speed check and write down the results. Use the same speedtest service each time, so you’re comparing like for like.

Next, check who’s doing what. If all your team are watching YouTube and uploading big files, that will slow down the Wi-Fi for everyone.

Number three – reboot your WiFi router. Turn it off and wait a minute. Once everything’s reconnected run a speedtest again.

Next, reboot your devices. And clear your browser’s cache (pronounced cash). These two things can speed up devices.

Finally, check which devices are connected to your network. If there are any you don’t recognise, tell your IT partner immediately.

If your business offers Wi-Fi access to the public, make sure this is a different network to the one your team relies on.

No business should have to suffer slow Wi-Fi. Contact us and we’ll help speed up yours.



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